Yellow Deli, Purple Daisy, SCAD, and Foxy Loxy

It’s not just any old time I can write those three things together. This is the last of my trip sketches, top one from the beginning of the trip and the bottom sketch is from the end.



Maggie Valley, North Carolina


We hoped to find snow for our holiday trip. We did, but only the manufactured kind. Still, it was a fun day of “tubing” and throwing snowballs. Smoky Mountain National Park surprised us with a large herd of curious elk. Nearby Waynesville is a fun little town, and all the locals are friendly and full of great information on their area.

Holiday trip

When I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas this year, sometime in November, he said: “Snow”.  A sweet little wish from a Florida native. Well, we weren’t sure if we’d find real snow, but knew we could find the man-made variety. We started in Tennessee, we’ve never been there and thought it would be a fun place for our adventure to begin. Here is the first entry in my sketchbook from our trip:


I have always wanted to go to Sweden…

I haven’t gotten a chance to go to Sweden, but an Online Marketing guru from Sweden has featured my “What do you look for in an illustrator?” series on his blog. I am tickled. The world is at our fingertips with social media. Here’s the interview, and many, many thanks to Tomas Fransson for featuring me on his site:

10.10.14 Art Show Spectacle

Julio-Caravaggio boys_balloons art-dir_show-people MK_me_pillow Scmitts-me-mom show-scene-heroes star-wars-wall icons-wall Grace_balloons

Ten Ten Fourteen



Here are two “sneak peeks” of new pieces I’m working on for my 10.10.14 show. These photos are images of the paintings when they were incomplete. The final pieces have embroidery and are mounted on wood.
johnny cash herophoto (2)

Save The Date

SavetheDte 9:6

Homegrown art

Homegrown artElena Homegrown Homegrown event Homegrown panoramicToby homegrownVictor HomegrownPhotos from the show at Homegrown Local Co-op. It was a huge success and lots of fun, with many wonderful old friends and new friends. Thank you to the co-op staff for everything (including some of these photos). Other photos credit to: Eric Schreiner, Lauressa Nelson, and Hilary Blairgowrie Brown.

Thank you to all of you who came out and supported the art, local food, and local beverages!

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