Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for YOU! Thank you for your generous support.

May you and yours enjoy a wonderful day of food and gratitude.


A wreath for giving




A wreath I designed to benefit the beautiful, treasure Harry P. Leu Gardens. An auction is under way right now until December 3rd. Find all the wreaths here: https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/21352/auctions/24635?reset_filter=1


Living Room Theater

I don’t mean those rooms with theater seats and movie screens. Live actors in your living room performing. How cool is that? I recently attended one, and it is everything you’re imaging and more. This particular night we also enjoyed the addition of an acoustic guitar. If you’re interested in more information, contact the fellow at this link: http://www.bankshelfrich.com/


Sketches from San Francisco

This summer my family and I visited San Francisco. Here are some highlights:

breakfast bi-rite232 Fisherman's-Wharf231golden-gate_thinker234 muir-woods_food237 The-Mission-sketch230

Summertime sketches




Some pages from my sketchbook: I was curious about kidney transplants, and did a sketch of what I learned, my husband, Eric and I, celebrated our 20th Anniversary in June, and Isabella Rossellini celebrated a birthday (June 18).



anniversary scan198























Graduation 2015

I have a high school graduate, whom I am so very proud of. We were lucky enough to get the enormously talented Kristen Wheeler to photograph our girl. Kristen has a certain magic that is evident in all of her photos. You can find more of Kristen’s work here: http://www.khphotographics.com/


Congratulations to this beautiful girl. The future is so bright.


The Indie-Folk Fest at the Mennello Museum of American Art

I spent my Valentine’s Day at the Mennello Museum of American Art and loved every second of it. The Indie-Folk Fest was a twist on the Folk Festival the museum has hosted in the past and it was the most successful event yet.


Porch Therapy, from East End Market, easily one of my favorite places in Orlando.


Hanson’s Shoe Repair is Orlando’s own speakeasy and they make cocktail art. If you haven’t been, check it out.

Design firm “Lure” was my neighbor for the day. They are possibly better neighbors than Mr.Rogers.

There was leather and wood:


There was much more art and craft available, and the music was fantastic, too. Here’s a photo of two of the performers, Thomas & Olivia:

And one of my favorite people, Ken Pease and his delightful folk art:

It was a great day and I can’t wait until next year!


Mercer University, Hardmall Hall Plunkett Gallery

Some photos from my recent trip to Macon to install my work.

First, the interesting door of  my host, Craig Coleman.


Hardman Hall is the only building on campus made of limestone.




The show will hang until February 21st, when I will give a talk and hopefully answer some questions.

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